Partners of Vana Darou

The Vana Dargostar Collection, in order to guarantee the quality of its medicinal products is particularly attentive to selection of companies and manufacturers’ collections.Well-known brands that are in the opinion of a trusted audience and in other respects have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Amin Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co

These collections are also dominant in novel business methods and ways, despite Long and brilliant history. The production line consist of solids and oral liquids and currently  has an annual output of  over 1,300,000,000 units production and supply  in the forms of( capsules, tablets, softgels, drops, and syrups

Amin has ISO 14001, ISO 18001, and ISO17025 Certificates of safety and professional health. The company also succeeded in obtaining the recently established quality plate and tracking authenticity control of TTAC from the food and drug administration.

Tehran Darou

This company is one of the most experienced and powerful companies in the pharmaceutical market of the country. The company is able to manufacture pharmaceutical products in tablet forms, coated tablets, hard capsules and soft gelatin capsules. This collection is equipped with an efficient technical team and a production team with a history of highly favorable conditions in the production of pharmaceutical and complementary products.

Karen Pharma & Food Supplement Co.

 As the most important factor, balanced nutrition increases athletes’ efficiency by providing energy and necessary nutrients for body which has direct effect on speed, strength, and concentration of athletes either in workout sessions or in competitions and is one of the key factors for athletes’ success. So, appropriate diet plan align with exact and proper use of supplements not only provides energy for athletes’ body, but also provides good conditions for better activity and supplies nutritional needs of body especially micronutrients.

There are some factors such as age, gender, and physique, the workout intensity and duration that affect the amount of energy demands in athletes. Therefore, designing a diet regime should be done by prescription of nutritionist and be specific to each person. Yet, there are lots of common fields in the nutrition of athletes. For example, there are some kinds of sport supplements such as protein, energy, and recovery-specific supplements for all sports.

Galenous Pharmaceutical co

Galenous Pharmaceutical Company was established in July 1977 under the name of Rita Farm Company and was registered under number 28987 in Tehran Companies Registration Office with an initial capital of 3 million Rials and started its activities in Valiasr St., corner of Bozorgmehr with 6 items of pharmaceutical products.

Yas Pharma

Yas Kavir Meybod a privately held Company, was established in 2010 through participation of its accomplished and prominent leading members of the industry with the experience of managing the largest pharmaceutical holding company in Iran. Contribution of highly experienced team of scientists and experts, have set up a solid infrastructure for a world class manufacturing facility.

Barij Essence

Barij Essence manufactures a wide range of herbal medicine in product group of Glands – Cardiovascular system, these medicine mainly help treatment of problems like varicose veins, venous insufficiency, high triglyceride ad cholesterol, blood pressure, fatty liver disease and high blood glucose

Fatak Chemie

Fatek Shimi Pars Pharmaceutical Company; It is an elixir of knowledge, experience, expertise and belief of those who strive with a firm attitude and belief in lofty goals in order to satisfy the consumers of the company’s products.