Distribution and distribution centers


Ferdows Distribution Company with 768 experienced and experienced human resources, 47000 square meters of warehouse, more than 7000 square meters of office space, 19 distribution centers, 8 offices and 149 heavy, semi-heavy and lightweight vehicles A boarding desk is working at pharmacies and health centers around the country.


Hejrat Distribution Company aims to distribute and sell medicines, medical equipment, food supplements and good quality health products, while having 19 provincial centers and covering all pharmacies, hospitals and health centers all over the country using equipment New technologies and compliance with all principles of drug storage and distribution have been able to rank second in terms of market share among more than thirty active companies in the competitive environment of the pharmaceutical distribution industry.


Elizabeth’s Dargahestar Distribution Company is a joint venture company active in the distribution of human medicines throughout the country. It registered its activities in 1385 and officially started its activities in 1389. The company has entered into the pharmaceutical distribution industry with the help of efficient and capable personnel in its departments and with extensive facilities and operation of the day management method (Tehran Chemistry Company – Iran Hormone – Tehran Pharmaceuticals – AAF Chemistry and Hawk), and it is presented in the field of pharmaceutical market of the country in the shortest possible time.

Behestan Pakhsh

Behestan Broadcast Company started its operation in December 2006 with the aim of distributing medicine throughout the country and now it has more than 600 items of medicine and supplements from its reputable foreign companies in its basket.

Tebe novin

Modern medicine is a health professional group that has been working with its professional and experienced staff in the fields of producing, importing and distributing medicines, medical equipment and food supplements.

The National Broadcasting Company of Tabnavn Equipments (Private Joint Stock Company) was registered in 1379 under the number 161368 at the Tehran Office of Industrial Registration and Industrial Property, which, after 5 years of import of medical equipment for the distribution of its products, received a license from the Directorate General of Pharmaceuticals and Materials In August 2006, the narcotic drug trained in the distribution of human medicines, pharmaceutical supplements, food and medical supplies, and managed continuously with the continuous efforts to set up branches and distribution of the healthy and optimal drug to a permanent license. The license for the distribution of cosmetic products was also granted in 1392.

Elite Pharm

Elite Pharmaceuticals Company was founded in 2005 with a very private investment and its sole purpose was to distribute exclusively manufactured and imported products by the company and providing services to customers. At the beginning of this year, the Board of Directors decided to expand its penetration rate on the market. In this regard, large investments were made to complete the necessary infrastructure. These were the launch of the cold distribution chain, the launch of distribution centers New, development and completion of existing distribution centers, completion of the fleet of distribution and updating of software systems and enterprise processes of the company.

Sina broadcast gene

Sinaphash Distribution Company is a trading company that has started its activities with the aim of distributing all kinds of human medicines, medical equipments, cosmetics, sanitary and distribution and sales throughout the country. With the use of modern equipment and technologies and observance of all principles of storage and distribution of medicines at the level of global standards, the company has entered into competition in the pharmaceutical distribution and distribution industry.

Barij Essence

Barij Essential Distribution was established in 2009 under the name of Barijeh Drug Kavir Distribution Company and was registered under national number 10861354366 and number 4322. In 1391, it was renamed to Barij Essential Oil Pharmacy and is currently operating. The subject of the company’s activity is: purchasing all kinds of authorized pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health and food products and distributing them in all pharmacies and sales centers that have an official license from the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education and the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade.

Daya Darou Distribution Co.

Daya Darou Distribution Co. was established by DayaTeb to provide pharmacies and hospitals products in all sectors (Private and Govermental sector) with Pharmaceuticals and hygenic Products in 2007 . In this time, with more than 300 experienced and professional staff, as well as 18 distribution centers, and more than 10,000 square meters of warehouse and 40 heavy and semi-heavy vehicles servicing 24/7 to hospitals, pharmacies and health centers. We have 60 domestic suppliers as well as 3 international suppliers with a product portfolio of 2,940 products and more than 8,000 customers.

Salamat Pakhshe Hasti

Salamat Pakhsh Hasti Company as one of the companies under Safflower Industrial Group in February 2010 with the aim of preparing and distributing fast, safe and nationwide domestically imported and imported drugs and cold chain, cellulose products, medical equipment, food supplements and health products. The need of the country was established using the experience and facilities available in Safflower Industrial Group. This company, which is one of the safflower pharmaceutical investment companies, has 17 branches in different cities of the country. Tehran, Mazandaran, Khuzestan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Isfahan and Hamedan branches. Among the branches of this company.

Eltiam Pharm

Healing Distribution Company with the registered name of Healing Pharmacists Company, was established in 2008 with the investment of Kharazmi Holding and with the aim of promoting the capillary distribution of drugs, supplements and medical supplies throughout the country.

Mahyadarou Pharmaceutical

In 2003, Mahyadarou Company was stablished by dedication of doctor Ahmad Montazeri as the first private distributor company in Iran, which is still working in the field of distribution of pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, cosmetic products and medical equipment. In the first year of work, the company started with 15 products and could formally establish and institutionalize its presence in the pharmaceutical market of Iran with centralized coverage of Tehran province and also covering several provinces in the form of representation.