Tehran Chemie Pharmaceutical Company

Tehran Chemie is one of the best pharmaceutical companies in Iran and the largest pharmaceutical companies in the Middle East. With 100-year of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, the  collection offers over 100 types of pharmaceutical products and plays an important role in the field of medicine and treatment.

Iran Hormone

Iran Hormone started its activity in the field of hormonal drugs under the name Iran Organon in 1342. Our goal is to strive for a more healthy society in order to reach this goal of developing and updating the lines and devices that are the priorities of this organization.

Iran Hormone also has many valid certificates, including the EPA and ISO 9001-2008 quality management and the Quality of Food and Drug Administration.

Tehran Darou

This company is one of the most experienced and powerful companies in the pharmaceutical market of the country. The company is able to manufacture pharmaceutical products in tablet forms, coated tablets, hard capsules and soft gelatin capsules. This collection is equipped with an efficient technical team and a production team with a history of highly favorable conditions in the production of pharmaceutical and complementary products.

Afa chemi

Afa Chemi started its activity in the field of Antibiotique production from second half 1386 and exact after the installation of machinery, the factory with a new management, with the selection of members of the board of directors and the manager. This collection is ability to o producing pharmaceutical forms of pills, capsules and antibiotic injectable vials.

Hakim pharm

The Hakim Pharmaceutical Company, formerly known as Iran Lepty, was founded in Tehran in 1941

The company has activity and development steady over five decades. Currently, Hakim has the ability to produce a variety of medications such as tablets, coated tablets, boiling tablets, hard gelatin capsules, soft gel capsules, oral drops, syrups, oral suspensions. Hakim also continuously strives to increase its production capabilities and is currently updating its labware.